Raw Hairdressing Salon L’Oreal colour trophy shoot

On the 5th February I shot the Raw hairdressing  L’Oreal colour trophy  collection All four entries from each of the salons got through to the finals , This is the 3rd time that I have shot for Raw salons  and also the third time that I got them all through , Great team work, Here is a few pictures and also short video clip of the behind the scenes, little further down the page

IMG_3285-10x8croparIMG_a3073rRaw Salon image 3rRaw-Gents-imageRaw-Gents-imager

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Sophie and Daryl’s pre wed planning

Gate St Barn , Bramley, Guildford GU5 0LR

It was a pleasure to meet with Sophie and Daryl to-day at their wedding venue Gate St Barn , Brambly, Guildford GU5 0LR. Sunshine , hot, and beautiful gardens, The wedding venue is basically and converted Barn with accommodation  attached. great venue but very little contingency for bad weather as far pictures are concerned . However it won’t be bad weather we hope.Because the grounds are based on private area there is restriction  for group shots to the garden at the back of the barn but they do allow just the bride and groom ( plus photographer ) to photography in the private areas . Just outside the barn     ( on the approach rd ) is a small but beautiful  tree-lined pond so I will be using that as a location for the evening shots with the bride and groom.

Here are a few pictures taken today


L’Oreal Colour Trophy 2017 #LCT17

Fantastic Night covering The L’OREAL Colour Trophy  last Wednesday  evening at The Hammersmith Apollo. All of the Winner were stunning but to be honest i don’t know how the judges could make a decision the work in general was fantastic . Remarkable work all-around.

In the first round, hundreds of photographic images from across the country were judged by the most influential names in hairdressing including Trevor Sorbie MBE, Jamie Stevens, leading session stylist & press favourite Adam Reed and hairdressing icon Charles Worthington MBE. fought of stiff competition and were successfully chosen to go through to the next round of the competition – the Backstage Live Finals.

The next stage of the competition will put the team through their paces as they will now have to create a live model look that demonstrates an awareness for Autumn/Winter 2017/18 hair and fashion trends as outlined in the brief. The model look must be original, modern and inspirational.  The team of judges are looking for a trend-setting, show stopping total look that can inspire clients and hairdressers.

Ashtead Player Presents Noel Coward’s ” HAY FEVER”

Lastnight I photographed the dress rehearsal  of the new products of ‘Hay FEVER’ Presented by the Ashtead Play. It was performed fantastic and very funny . If you’re looking for great night out and cost-effective then you come along to one of the night Tickets are £10 in advance or £12 on the door and free parking . Check out the poster for details. or go to their website

Ashtead Player Hay Fever


iGROOVER photography is all about fashion and very much about hair fashion .iGROOVER  has a a stunning reputation for dynamic photographic work  Window collection and fashion photography You can view some go iGROOVER images on this blogging site but for a fuller understanding of what igroover is does its probably best to visit the website direct. go to website 35_20140206230021_1538980_large


How much should a wedding photgrapher charge?

igroover 090

As you would expect I’m often asked how much I would  charge to photograph a wedding.  My response  is I have a fixed price scale that starts at £800 and goes up to £4000. People are often shocked at the cost and often respond by saying  ‘ I got a friend who only paid £500 for her photographer.

I will just explain how much work goes into photographing and average wedding

  1. The first meeting                                              =   2 to 3 hours work
  2. Wedding planning and pre wedding shoot =  4  Hours work
  3. The wedding day shoot                                    =  4  to 16 hours
  4. Viewing and culling of the images                =   4  to 10 hours
  5. Basic editing and organising the images     =    2 to 10 hours
  6. Advanced editing on feature images          =    3 to 12 hours
  7. final preparation and upload of images      =    2 to 5 hours
  8. Delivery and viewing of images for client   =    2 to 3 hours
  9. Design and preparation  of album                      =    10 hours
  10. Proofing and amendments                              =     3 hours

So a very small ceremony only,  with an album,  will  take 36 hours to complete. A all day wedding, with an album, will take 76 hours to complete.

Now if you are an employed person you are paid a wage , That wage covers your basic living cost and hopefully allows you to save a little for a holiday or a rainy day!

As a self-employed business owner we need to be able to pay ourselves a wage plus make enough money to pay for the running cost of our business including wages for assistants . so for a photographer to be able to pay himself a £400 per week wage he or she would need to turnover  at least £800 pound per week.  Hopefully this will help people to understand why professional ( those who make a living from photography ) have to charge correctly for the hours that they put in.

Non professional do not have to charge as they are already earning a living hence they can charge what ever they want.




London’s Homeless people


This story is about one mans attempt to help. His name is  Michael john Gonzalez

An american who has just recently become a uk cit.  Michael is originally from LA and is a well established professional actors coach. Michael and his partner have been living in London for the past Ten years. In that time much has happened including that fact that Michael or MJ as he is known to his friends, is now a a UK  passport holder.

When MJ moved into Victoria , he started to see the intense street poverty and the endless amounts of homelessness . Mj people loving nature could not stand this and decided  to do something about it.

Hence MJ’s Street Angels. Every sunday night MJ and a team of volunteers  Make the food  in MJ’s Kitchen  , everything bought and paid for by MJ , then spend the night walking the streets of

Victoria  giving away the the food to the homeless. For many people  it might look like just another food charity but MJ’s operation is far more then that, it’s about Love and Friendship, These people need to still be able to hold on to their dignity and also their humanity and this communication , with MJ , every week helps todo just that. They can can talk and be hear with no fear of judgment. MJ has won the trust and respect of many of these homeless  people and in some ways gives a sparkle of hope  in a otherwise dark and sad time in the street peoples lives. However don’t get me wrong this is no easy job, MJ is still often verbally abused and even physically  challenged but his empathetic  nature always allows him to turn the other cheek.IMG_4400


What’s the story

Sometimes i find myself develop a story over several pictures it’s almost like film making  , You get the same opportunity often with one shot but to continue  sometime can help to develop and extend the story a little like the beautiful curvy model from a recent MOD shoot . You guys can make your own ending.MOD Shoot , Photography by iGROOVERMOD Shoot , Photography by iGROOVERMOD Shoot , Photography by iGROOVERMOD Shoot , Photography by iGROOVERMOD Shoot , Photography by iGROOVER

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